The Book is out

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The Book is out

Licencjonowane miotły Harrego Pottera, czerodziejska różdżka czarnoksiężnika, zestawy magiczne – ich wprowadzenie na rynek łączy się z wydaniem kolejnej części przygód małego czarodzieja.

The waiting is over. Harry Potter fans have now got their hands on the prize. “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” the sixth-book in the series written by J.K. Rowling, was released in July.

Ever since the young magician first came on the scene, he has been igniting the imaginations of children around the world. They immediately identify with the boy who was sad and lonely until he realized he had magical powers.

Child psychologists agree the key to the series’ success is the fact that kids identify so closely with the characters. They see a correlation between the relationships Harry has with the children and adults in the books and their own lives. The Harry Potter books are filled with scenarios that discuss common childhood issues like loneliness, fitting in, bullying, loss, and rule-breaking; while at the same time offering an imaginary world of escape.

As is apparent from the continuing record breaking sales of Harry Potter merchandise -- hats, robes, scarves, magic wands, broomsticks and the like -- the books aren’t the only draw.

“Kids love imagining what their lives would be like if they were someone else, and this series encourages their imaginations to grow better than any other books I’ve ever read,” says Dave Wedzik, owner of Alivan’s Master Wandmakers, a company specializing in handcrafted toy magic wands. “It’s fun to watch my own son put on a Hogwarts hat, wave around a wand and transform himself into the world of Harry Potter. He’s only four but is already pretending to make his dog disappear.”

Wedzik credits imagination inspired toys for cultivating his son’s creativity. “Being that I’m in the business, he has access to all kinds of great toys. His favorite is his magic wand.” The wand Wedzik’s son uses is the 11 inch Holly made by the wandmakers at Alivan’s. “He chose that one because in the books, Harry’s wand is made of that type of wood, and it’s an easy way for him to identify with the character,” says Wedzik.

The 11 inch Holly wand is one of the company’s best sellers, but there are dozens of other designs available. Alivan’s wands are handcrafted from the finest hardwoods and come with a collector’s box, satin lined velvet wand satchel and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity which (on the back side) details the “magical” properties of your chosen hardwood.

Hand-made brooms are also very popular. The Scarlet Falcon, for example, looks like it flew right out of Diagon Alley, and can be ridden like an old-time stick horse. Other wizard wares include robes, striped scarves and officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise, such as Harry Potter wire rimmed glasses, Quidditch goggles, Hogwarts hats, chocolate frogs and golden galleons.

“At Alivan’s, we believe children should be challenged and encouraged so that creative thinking may be cultivated,” says Wedzik. “Pretending, creativity and imaginative thinking teach children to dream greater dreams and to think outside the ‘wand box.’ It leads them toward greater artistic expression and allows their visions to come alive.”


to ignite – rozniecać, wzbudzać
correlation – współzależność
fitting in – dopasowanie się (do otoczenia)
bullying – znęcanie się, dręczenie
apparent – widoczny
magic wand – magiczna różdżka
broom stick – kij od miotły
cultivated – kultywowany, rozwijany

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