Cold Mountain (Wzgorze nadziei)

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "New Warsaw Express"

Until a few weeks ago, Cold Mountain was hotly tipped to take a bucket of gongs at this year's Oscar ceremony. The academy nominations and critics Golden Globe awards have put paid to that, but Anthony Mingella's Civil War drama remains very good indeed ? if, like his similarly fine The English Patient, marked by some minor flaws.
Jude Law and Nicole Kidman play the leads, southern should-have-been lovers divided by the brutalities of war. One half of the film focuses on Law's attempt to journey back to her, and his traumatising experience as a soldier. The other on Cold Mountain itself, the budding pioneer community where Kidman lives.
The result is fairly depressing stuff, but there are also a bundle of powerful images to go with it. The acting is excellent and Mingella finds a number of bigger themes of loss, war and helplessness to hook the story on. A class film for a winter weekend if ever there was one.

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