Dodging Bullets in Silesia

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "New Warsaw Express"

Police in Silesia have discovered a ring of corrupt army doctors, who for bribes ranging from zl.2,500 to zl.4,000 changed conscripts' health status to excuse young men from army national service.
The doctors, including a former conscription board chairman and two surgeons, gave candidates certificates that confirmed they could not serve in the army due to their ill health.
"Among the supposedly ill there were those who already had their marching papers in hand," police spokesman Jacek Pytel told the daily Super Express. "One man was put in hospital. He had a cast put on a healthy leg."
The services offered by the three doctors were an open secret in Rybnik and the surrounding areas. Anyone who wanted to avoid serving simply reported to a contact who was known to stand outside the conscription board's building.
In one of the suspects' homes police found 29 military records belonging to would-be draft dodgers hoping to better their lot.



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